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Fagus sylvatica
Green Leaved European Beech
Quick Facts
Hardiness Zones: Green Leaved European Beech can be trusted to flourish in tolerance Zones 4-7/8.
Mature Size: Flourishes to a height of 60' as well as a compass consisting of approximately 45' at maturity.
Sun Preference: Full direct sun light are ideal with regards to this particular tree. Bloom time is March to April allthough Insignificant
Tree/Shrub Type: This is an deciduous ornamental tree, commonly cultivated shade, and understock
Growth Rate: Thrives at a slow pace with height growths of somewhere from lower than 12" to 18" each year.
Soil Preference: It is not particular as to soil type or pH, however will not tolerate standing water. Does prefer nutrient rich and substantial moisture as most large trees do.

One of the masters of the big shade trees, with a magnificent, dispersing habit of development as well as stunning golden brown autumn colors, incredibly lovely throughout the growing and dormant seasons, also known as just Common European Beech.

Quite specific concerning growing conditions, Nutrient-rich soil as well as substantial moisture is beneficial.

Fagus sylvatica Fagus sylvatica Fagus sylvatica
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Decorative Characteristics:

Green Leaved European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) leafage emerges light green in the springtime, then merges to a dark green throughout the growing season. The ragged acute leafage is attractively compelling and fade to an impressive golden brown in the autumn. The blossoms and the triangular nut which is enclosed in a spiky involucre are not attractively noteworthy. The sleek silvery bark is incredibly snazzy and also adds considerable winter interest.

Landscaping Attributes:

Green Leaved European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) is a compact deciduous tree with a pleasing oviform. Its general smoothness blends into the scenery, yet could be offset by one or two refined off color trees or hedges for an effective make-up.

This is a reasonably low upkeep tree, and also is ideally pruned when dormant in late winter months. Deer tend to pass grazing on this species and leave it alone. It has no substantial adverse attributes.

It is recommended for large shade landscape applications including a great street tree.

Tree Properties:

Green Leaved European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) will develop to be about 50-60 feet in height at their mature age, with a spread of 30-45 feet. It tends to have a lower round canopy with a normal clearance of 4 feet from the ground. It develops at a slow pace around 8-12" a year being typical, under excellent conditions can be anticipated to live up to 120 years or more.

This tree enjoys full sunlight and bloom time is March to April although insignificant. It thrives best in moderate to evenly moist conditions, however will not endure standing water. It is not specific as to soil media or pH. It is rather tolerant of city pollution, and also will favor being placed in a relatively protected area.

It is native to central and southern Europe. Seedlings commonly used as under stock for grafters to work with. Works well with all upright and weeping cultivars. Grown from open pollinated seed, expect some natural variability.

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