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Bailhalo Redtwig Dogwood
Although pruning is not required, many gardeners choose to remove 25-30% of the oldest stems in early spring of each year to stimulate growth of new stems which will display the best red color.

A fast grower, and under ideal conditions has a life expectancy of 20 years or more.

Key feature is variegated foliage, and bold winter interest.

Combine with yellowtwig dogwood for extra winter display.

Cornus alba 'Bailhalo'
Bailhalo cultivar is well known for its compact dwarf dogwood size. White edge variegated foliage and bright red twigs in winter.
Fast multi-stemmed grower. Blue-white fruits are attractive to birds.
Deciduous variegated foliage transforms to orange-red hues in fall before the leaves drop for winter.
Excellent for Accent, Boarder, Hedges, Mass Plantings, Rain Garden, Wet areas,  general landscape/garden use.
Category: Shrub
Rated Zone(s):  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Foliage: Decidous
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun
Foliage Color: Variegated
Flower Color: Yellow-White
Flower Month: May, June
Mature Height: 4-6 Feet
Mature Spread: 4-6 Feet
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