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Cercis canadensis
Eastern Redbud
Quick Facts
Mature Size: Grows to a height of 20-25' with a spread of 20-30' at maturity. Can conveniently be cared for and kept at any height or spread
Hardiness Zones: Eastern Redbud can be trusted to grow in tolerance zones 6-9.
Sun Preference: Full direct sun light along with part shade are ideal with regards to this particular tree. Bloom time is in April.
Tree/Shrub Type: This is an ornamental tree, commonly cultivated and planted for the functional attraction and beauty it gives landscape designs.
Growth Rate: Tree thrives at a medium pace, with height growths of somewhere from lower than 12" to 18" each year.
Soil Preference: It is not particular as to soil type or pH
Decorative Characteristics:

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) has rose pea-like blossoms around the branch extensions starting very early to the middle of springtime, in which develop from unique pink blossom buds prior to the leaflets. It has dark green heart shaped leaves, which at first often emerge in a reddish hue in springtime.

Age and region dependant the heart-shaped leaves may transform to a wonderful yellow come fall time; otherwise they may maintain green color right up to full dormancy when they drop. The fruit is generally not decoratively noteworthy. The somewhat course darkish brown bark is also not specifically noteworthy.

Landscaping Attributes:

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) is a deciduous tree having a relatively round form. Its moderately coarse structure may be utilized in order to stand apart from additional landscape plants having finer leaves.

This is regarded as a reasonably low upkeep tree. An annual pruning after flowering to avoid removing any current seasons flowers will help more then harm in the aid of shaping. Deer tend to pass grazing  on this species and leave it alone.

Often recommended for landscape purposes in order to incorporate accent, mass planting or general garden use.

Tree Properties:

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) will develop to be about 20-25 feet in height at their mature age, with a spread of 20-30 feet.

It tends to have a lower round canopy with a normal clearance of 3 feet from the ground. As a whole it develops at a medium pace. Under excellent conditions can be anticipated to live up to 60 years or more.

This tree enjoys full sun to part shade and bloom time is in April. It thrives best in moderate to evenly moist conditions, however should not be
permitted to dry out.

It is not specific as to soil media or pH. It is rather tolerant of city pollution, and also will
favor being placed in a relatively protected area.

It is native to North American. This specific strain is rated for zones 6-9. Grown from open pollinated seed, expect some natural variability.

A amazing and sturdy springtime bloomer with a
very popular flashy pink to purple flowers held
nicely on bare branches in early springtime.

Leafs sport a bold heart-shape on a leading
popular small ornamental tree for the landscape.

Can be grown as single or a muli-stemed tree.
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Propagation Notes:

* From seed: Seed requires scarification then 30 days cold moist stratification.
* From softwood cuttings
* By air layering
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