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Callicarpa dichotoma 'Duet'
Duet Variegated Beautyberry
Quick Facts
Decorative Characteristics:

Duet Variegated Beautyberry (Callicarpa dichotoma 'Duet') Shrub features eye-catching creamy white-variegated dark green leafage during the growing season. The oval form bipinnately; blend leaflets are really ornamentally notable and then transform to yellow hues around autumn.

It gets clusters of white colored pea-like blossoms at the ends of the branches
from early summer to the middle of summertime season, which are intriguing on
close examination. It showcases an abundance of splendid white colored berries
within early autumn. The smooth greyish barks as well as the reddish colored
branches are generally not significantly noteworthy.

Landscaping Attributes:

A multi-stemmed deciduous shrub having an upright spreading pattern. Its own
standard appearance uniquely blends right into the landscaping, however may be
offset by some finer or coarser trees or shrubs intended for a beneficial design.

This shrub like most would develop best with periodic maintenance, and is most
suitably pruned within winter season while dormant, although it also accepts light pruning during the growing season. It possesses no serious negative characteristics.

Often recommended for landscaping applications in order of incorporating a single accent, mass planting or hedges, container planting or general garden use.

Tree Properties:

Duet Variegated Beautyberry (Callicarpa dichotoma 'Duet') will mature to become approximately 4-6 feet tall in maturity, holding a spread of 4-6 feet. It has the tendency to fill in directly to the ground and as a result does not essentially call for facer plants in front. It develops at a medium pace, and under ideal conditions may be anticipated to thrive for roughly 30 years.

This specific shrub performs best in full sunlight to partial shade. It has a preference to flourish within average to moist conditions, and also should not be permitted to dry out completely. It is not selective regarding soil type or even pH. It is extremely tolerant of city pollution and will certainly even thrive within central city environments.

A magnificent variegated selection offering impressive leaves as well as berries.

A pleasant inclusion as a shrub boundary or even accent; additionally it is disease and insect pest resistant.
Callicarpa Dichotoma 'Duet', Duet Variegated Beautyberry Callicarpa Dichotoma 'Duet', Duet Variegated Beautyberry
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Hardiness Zones: Duet Variegated Beautyberry can be trusted to grow in tolerance zones 5-8.
Mature Size: Grows to a height of 4-6' with a spread of 4-6' at maturity. Can conveniently be cared for and kept at any height or spread
Sun Preference: Full direct sun light along with limited shade are ideal with regards to this particular plant
Soil Preference: Not particular as to soil type, average to moist conditions
Growth Rate: Shrub thrives at a medium pace
Tree/Shrub Type: This is an deciduous  plant, commonly cultivated and planted for accent, mass planting or hedges, container planting or general garden use.
Propagation Notes:

* From softwood cuttings

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