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Buxus koreana 'Winter Beauty'
Winter Beauty Boxwood
Quick Facts
Decorative Characteristics:

Features green foliage all throughout growing season. The tiny round leaves transform an attractive coppery green through the wintertime. Neither the florets nor the berry are ornamentally notable. The bark is not specifically noteworthy.

Landscaping Attributes:

Winter Beauty Boxwood (Buxus koreana 'Winter Beauty') is a compact multi-stemmed evergreen shrub having a roundish shape. Its own reasonably fine structure establishes it apart from various other landscaping plants having less refined foliage.

This is definitely a fairly low upkeep shrub, and also may be pruned at anytime. It is also a good selection for attracting bees to your landscape, however is not predominantly appealing to deer which have the tendency to leave it alone for more delicious treats. It has no notable negative qualities.

Often recommended for landscaping applications in order to incorporate a single accent/winter interest, mass planting or hedges and screening, topiary, container planting or general garden use.

Tree Properties:

Winter Beauty Boxwood (Buxus koreana 'Winter Beauty') will develop to become approximately 4 feet tall at maturity, along with a spread of 4 feet, although can be maintained at any size. It has the tendency to fulfill out completely to the ground and as a result does not actually call for facer plants in front. It develops at a slow rate, and under optimal conditions may be anticipated to survive for roughly 30 years.

This shrub performs best within full sun to partial shade. It has a preference to flourish in standard to moist conditions, and should not be permitted to dry out. It is not particular regarding soil type or pH. It is strongly tolerant of city pollution and will even flourish within central city environments, and also would benefit from being transplanted within a moderately protected area.

Winter Beauty Boxwood is an incredibly adaptive shrub which is really excellent with respect to formal and small hedges or topiary, takes pruning extremely well
Buxus koreana 'Winter Beauty', Winter Beauty Boxwood Buxus koreana 'Winter Beauty', Winter Beauty Boxwood
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Hardiness Zones: Winter Beauty Boxwood can be trusted to flourish in tolerance zones 5-9.
Mature Size: Flourishes to a height of 4' as well as a compass consisting of approximately 4' at maturity. Can conveniently be cared for and kept at any height/spread
Sun Preference: Full direct sun light along with limited shade are ideal with regards to this particular plant
Soil Preference: Not particular as to soil type, average to moist conditions
Growth Rate: Shrub thrives at a slow pace
Tree/Shrub Type: This is an evergreen plant, commonly cultivated and planted for accent/winter interest, mass planting or hedges and screening, topiary, container planting or general garden use.
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