About Branch Cove Nursery
We are primarily a wholesale propagator of trees and shrubs specializing in seedlings, cuttings, liners and even mature stock plants. We share invaluable connections to large nursery and garden networks.

Family owned Branch Cove Nursery started by Jeremiah Johnson in 2013 operating on 1.63 acres of land at Mahnckes Point. We begin our days in a forest like setting on the Key Peninsula with a beautiful backdrop of Mt Rainier and the Puget Sound water of Filucy Bay which wraps around to Case & Carr Inlets at the edge of Longbranch, WA.

Still in our infancy in terms of nurseries we are fortunate to join the industry when so many advancements in production exist. We don't need to change our entire infrastructure to take advantage of the best production methods that have come into existence over the past few decades to produce the highest quality of trees, Shrubs and other plants.

Branch Cove Nursery, Seedlings, Trees, Shrubs
Branch Cove Nursery
Branch Cove Nursery
Branch Cove Nursery
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